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Island sourced, chef-crafted, intimate & safe food & drink experiences for entertaining at your convenience.

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what our clients are saying about us

OMG Jenni! The kids and I had the first meal!! Loved it! The soup was literally amped up comfort food! I didn’t feel bad about eating it since it was nutrient dense and healthy! So flavorful! The dressing for the salads were amazing...again, so flavorful! The greens were so fresh and crunchy! It was perfection!! The soup container held up very well with rewarming in the microwave. Great job with the eco friendly packaging. Wow! Everything was so delicious! Very well done, Chef Jenni!

Wendy Wise

Oh my gosh ur food is delicious! I tried everything and thank you so much for the brownie! That truly made my day!


Thank you for the amazing and healthy food! The cauliflower is already in my belly and my husband and I are sharing the dorado chicken salad and the beet quinoa salad! I so do appreciate your food!

Shannon Brooks

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