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Not only do we mentor and cultivate our talent, but we strive to set standards in service and hospitality which drive the overall industry we are reinventing, forward; elevating the industry’s professionalism in Puerto Rico!

We invest and believe in YOU, today’s workers, and know that you are proud of what you do. You're in to stay, and you want to excel and we are here to support you in your process.

Our company culture seeks to create value in your life & the lives of our other team members and clients! We are intentional and go the extra mile in everything we do; providing remarkable food products, services and customer satisfaction with a smile!

We capture the value of relationships in our work space by distinguishing between service and hospitality: Service is the technical delivery of a product or business we provide. Hospitality is how the delivery of that product or business makes the recipient feel; We are responsible and woke enough to this concept. We strive to be authentic and totally bring it and be the difference we wish to see on this island.

Please read and agree to the requirements before applying. We are seeking:

Someone who works well under pressure

Understands the concept of a sense of urgency in the workplace

Comes into work and leaves personal life at home

Looks to being essential

Able to work in an intense and high production environment

Open to pitching in and do all kinds of work: From baking to cutting onions, to washing dishes

Willing & able to deep clean a kitchen

Great attitude and positive outlook on life

Works well with others

Takes constructive criticism as a means to grow

Knows how to follow instructions

Takes initiative and responsibility

Is a self starter

Excellent communication skills

Must be bi-lingual (Spanish-English) and feel confident in reading and following recipes and directions in English

Considers themselves to be:






A multi-tasker

A leader


Fast worker

Only apply if you're willing to learn, grow, be teachable, coachable and be part of our team for a commitment of minimum of 1 year. THANK YOU!

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As a company we want to create value in your life & the lives of our other team members! We go the extra mile in providing remarkable services and customer satisfaction.