Our Products

La Condesa Figueroa is our online boutique brand of farm fresh artisanal breads, desserts and cakes celebrating local products, artisans and flavors.

We partner with local food based visionaries such as Finca Pastoreo, Karma Honey Project and Frutos Del Guacabo; who are the change we wish to see in Puerto Rico and are so proud to call our family of purveyors. 

Feel free to check out our online store where you can taste our weekly changing menu of farm fresh seasonal baked goods including Vegan and Gluten-Free products. 

You can select your pick up day and time at any of our 2 locations; the farm at Finca Pastoreo in Dorado or the farmers market at L.A Mercado Agricola in San Juan. 

We are greatly looking forward to taking care of you!

Visit us at www.LaCondesaFigueroa.com