Why Us

At Vida Rica, We are the intentional ready-to-eat meal delivery service on the enchanting island of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 

Our community is on a mission to celebrate, promote and support the island of Puerto Rico by serving you globally inspired meals with locally sourced healing ingredients by our very own Vida Rica Personal Chefs! 

All of our meals are ready to eat and we take great pride in sourcing the majority of our ingredients from our local Boriqua farmers, fishermen, and artisans! 

Our menus are intentionally curated to celebrate the abundance of Puerto Rican agriculture and they reflect the human eating experience: sometimes healthy, sometimes indulgent— absolutely delicioso!

 Vida Rica is rooted on the island of Puerto Rico; where our traditions of plant medicine are a bountiful wealth of practical wisdom that represent a great contribution to the healing sciences practiced worldwide such as Chinese medicine and Indian ayurveda 

 Fascinated by travel, history, plant medicine, and captivated by Puerto Rico’s charm,Chef Jennifer Herrera founded Vida Rica in 2020 with a clear objective in mind: Elevate the life condition of Puerto Rico by creating the opportunity of having locally sourced ready-to-eat nutrient dense meals to support our everyday lives.

Each dish is luscious, tropical, and bursting with flavor reminiscent of the lush landscapes and lifestyle of Puerto Rico- the palm trees swaying with hydrating coconuts, salty, balmy sea air, fresh earthy jungles like el Yunque, aromatic herbs like Recaó and spiced aromas like golden turmeric, carried by the gentle warm breezes of the Caribbean.

Vida Rica opens its doors to the gastronomic world for us to continue our journey, absorbing the best of the island of Puerto Rico, an island rich in natural resources and with a strong identity in its ingredients.

We seek to foster and support the development of a sustainable agriculture creating our own relationships with local artisans, providing a variety of ingredients to create delicious dishes, taking traditional native ingredients and giving our own contemporary take; to align with our lifestyle. That is why we have created a variety of local and globally inspired dishes that best represent us to give our clients a unique and one of a kind experience.

Our seasonal menus are thoroughly curated by our local chefs to transform our vision into a culinary experience. Playing with aromas, flavors, colors and textures, our creations pay homage to the best ingredients Puerto Rico has to offer from our salads to main courses to soups and desserts; straight to your door and ready to eat.

We invite you to be part of this special experience.

Cheers to you and your Vida Rica!